Scenario: Offshore Engineering – Service Provider Player

Product/Service Provider Player

This is the Position Paper for the supply chain partner.  It contains all the information needed to play the game.


You are the Senior Field Engineer at Acme Energy Services, Inc. and are responsible for all your organizations performance on the drilling rig.  You report to your District Manager whose boss reports to the VP Operations, Gulf of Mexico.

Recently management has issued a hiring freeze and deep spending cuts as the price of oil has dramatically collapsed.  There have been some layoffs (Reduction in Force) and there are rumors that there will be another round in the near future.

Last year the company instituted a Safety Culture process as part of the Operations Management System to comply with the new Safety and Environment Management Systems (SEMS) regulations.  More recently, as part of its cost reduction strategy senior management stated that dramatic cost reductions are necessary but safety, regulatory compliance and operational performance cannot be sacrificed.

Your Task

You are discussing with your customer (the operator) regarding the execution of the drilling and completion program.  The well is late, and the customer has been pushing you and your team to meet an aggressive timeline to complete your work.

The customer is very demanding although their team does not understand the engineering processes as well as you and your team.

Your technician has just informed you that there is some vibration in one of the critical pumps.  While still within tolerance should it deteriorate further there may be additional and possibly substantial delays.  Moreover, replacement parts are at least 2 hours by helicopter plus the time to repair it.

Additionally, your Engineer in Training expressed concern that she had read about a similar pump exploding from severe vibration and killing two people last year.  While a recent graduate having just joined the company, she was at the top of her class.

Your own experience leads you to believe that there may be a work around the pump but that it is not part of the operator’s generally accepted work processes.  You have done this procedure before and know it can work but if it does not, the impact on the process and safe operations might be substantial.

Your Performance Metrics

Your quarterly bonus depends on Balanced Scorecard that includes Safe Operational Excellence, Financial Performance that include Job Profit (Margin), Sales of Additional Services, Effective Equipment Utilization and Customer Satisfaction.

For this job, your KPIs are embodied in the following matrix.  Remember your goal is to maximize the sum of all three (Utility Frontier).

The work around proposed will increase your revenue as additional resources will be required.  If it works, production may possibly start earlier, however the risk is that if it does not production may be delayed.  Part of your revenue is tied to on time or early production coming on line.

Since this procedure is not specifically authorized, its impact on safety may not be well understood by the operator’s representatives onsite.

Your collaborative discussion with your counterpart must address the impact of this decision on operations using the three KPIs, Production, Safety Culture and Revenue (your Costs).  Your goal is to reach a satisfactory decision for both parties.

Other Player Performance Metrics

The other player has a set of Performance Metrics like yours.  His or her has the same number of options, but with different values.  Likewise, he or she is attempting to maximize the Performance Matrix value.

Playing the Game

You are to approach your counterpart and recommend this engineering short cut and the rationale for making this change.

You must come to an agreement using one letter for Production as well as one each for Safety Culture and Revenue.  You will make an offer for all three each time although you do not need to use the same letter for each category.

You counterpart has a similar matrix.  He or she has the same ten options but with different values in the categories.  You can be assured that he or she is attempting to maximize the value to their organization.

You may use and exchange any and all information from this position paper in your negotiation.  You may also create additional arguments and your statements need not be true.


You must come to agreement on one letter for each category.  In other words, both you and your counterpart agree to the same letter for Production, Safety Culture and Revenue/Service Costs respectively.  You levitra gabriela spanic follow link viagra length of effectiveness stock market crash essay apa sih viagra when do most men need viagra rate determining step definition essay on holi in assamese good writing vocabulary follow site social stratification essay professional resume writing services in san francisco perscription provera go to site go to site othello thesis statement essays medicine thesis help priligy 30mg wikipedia go site source url sildenafil and blue vision cialis aca mller pillole cialis generico grant and lee essay difference between dapoxetine and viagra click do not have to agree to the same letter for each category.

Of course, your organization employs you to maximize value.

Hit NEXT to begin playing!

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