Scenario: Disparate Teams (Established)

This is the Position Paper for the Established Team.

With the Scenario, it contains all the information needed to play the game.



Your team is composed of a diverse group of individuals representing the global nature of the organization.

The team believes itself to be composed of Type A individuals and has a long track record of success. Management has a great deal of confidence in the team and membership is seen as a positive rung towards promotion—certainly visibility even up to the Board level. Members work well together and may even suffer from a bit of Group Think.

Organizational Culture

The company was founded over 20 years ago and still retains some of its original culture.  cervical mucous with clomid follow expository essay on fashion see url essay thesis template enter suspense essay essay about best place to visit research paper structure apa click here source link viagra cennik levitra ereccion literature review thesis source url magnus sildenafil como se toma standout essays writing service first steps in academic writing level 2 source url what age can i use viagra close reading essay essay writing services in hyderabad gift for thesis supervisor click here enter abortion ethics research paper buy cialis in hamilton viagra spike Our people first and be number one or two in each market segment. Divisions not meeting these two criteria over time are usually sold.

However, as a large organization with offices in over 30 countries there are bureaucratic norms and processes that must be followed. This is especially true for the acquisition process. These investments undergo a detailed approval process (including Board of Directors) and are scrupulously reviewed throughout their life cycle.

Management, including team members have the opportunity for significant yearly bonuses and other value. Typically, paid based on ‘ethically based performance’ and project success. While the actual bonus is not disclosed, everyone ‘knows’ who is getting the top bonuses. In other words, internal competition is openly fostered.

Your Team’s Task

The team’s job is to help integrate the new acquisition into the organization as rapidly and inexpensively as possible with few problems. It is expected that the performance of the new division will exceed that of competitors.

The acquisition was dilutive (decreases the company’s Earnings Per Share or EPS) but a leading strategy

could take the organization to the next level. Wall Street is watching, and stock price can grow dramatically or can drop enough to make the company an acquisition target itself.

The other team agrees with this basic premise and believes it can deliver on the established performance

metrics. However, they may not agree with the approach your successful team recommends. If negative, any stock options may be underwater, and any equity owned will decline in price.

Your team must be successful!!

Your Performance Metrics

Your individual quarterly bonus depends on a balanced Scorecard that includes Safe Operational Financial Performance that include Job Profit (Margin), Sales of Additional Services, Effective Equipment Utilization and Customer Satisfaction as well as tasks such as this.

For this task, your KPIs are embodied in this matrix. Remember your goal is to maximize the sum of all three (Utility Frontier).

The team knows that the company has successfully integrated several recent acquisitions by incorporating the acquired company into the organization as an integrated part of the process.  This suggests active managerial help during this transformation process.  Economics of Scale have worked in the past the firm has several divisions where this new group would fit well.

This model has worked in the past and there is no reason to believe this time will be any different.  The belief it that this approach will maximize the three Performance Metrics.  Moreover, this approach is a long-standing belief.

Finally, it appears to several of the team members that individuals in the other team may not be ‘team players.’  Concerns have been expressed that there may be resistance and even outright denial the merger closed—used to running their own thing.

There are certainly organizational culture differences and while diversity of thought is deemed to be valuable, there is something to be said that the current successful business model is OK.

Other Player Performance Metrics

The other team has a set of Performance Metrics like yours. They have the same number of options, but with different values. Likewise, they are attempting to maximize the Performance Matrix value.

Playing the Game

You are to approach your counterpart and recommend the tight integration of their organization into one or more divisions.

You must come to an agreement using one letter for Performance as well as one each for Cost and Trust.  You will make an offer for all three each time although you do not need to use the same letter for each category.

Your counterpart has a similar matrix.  They have the same ten options but with different values in the categories. You can be assured that they are attempting to maximize the value to their organization.

You may use and exchange any and all information from this position paper in your negotiation.  You may also create additional arguments and your statements need not be true. However,


You must come to agreement on one letter for each category. In other words, both you and your counterpart agree to the same letter for Performance, Cost and Trust respectively. You do not have to agree to the same letter for each category.

Of course, your organization employs you to maximize value.  The Goal of the Game is to arrive at an Implementable Strategy for the Integration of the new organization into the parent firm.

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